First steps

As a technical interested young guy, Peter started to buy hardware stuff and lots of records. This special interest in hardware will pay off some years later… Not for nothing he will be announced some years later as best liveact in one of the most popular electronic music magazines!

First success

2001 Arkus P. released his first record on Schubfaktor Records. The record was played by numerous djs, for example by DJ Rush at the Nature One festival, and can still be found in a vast quantity of DJ-mixes. His tracks were significantly involved in paving the way for Hardtechno music in Germany! Then he got to know his friends Sven Wittekind and Sven Schaller, who picked him up into his agency ABSTRACT. So the name of his new family was ABSTRACT! Until late 2004, the amount of releases has risen to more than 30 including labels such as Highball, Definition, Artillery and various other important record companies. Gigs all over Europe as well as in different parts of Germany consequently followed and furthermore, many gigs in overseas were about to come. Then he started to produce together with his new colleague Robert Natus. The creativity of the two characters flew into the new made tracks… and the result of their hard work together was a track called “Hardcore Salsa” . At this time they didn’t know that this track would change their lives…

Hardcore Salsa

First they released the track on Roberts label “Bitshift”. In every recordstore the track came in first! Then the two guys decided to release the track on Gango, a sublabel of Kontor records, and so the track was sold all over the world.. it was released as Maxi- Cd too. It has to be mentioned that “Hardcore Salsa” even earned a German single sales-charts entry! Furthermore they started a live act together! “Robert Natus and Arkus P” was born!! A lot gigs were played and a TV appearance at VIVA lets everybody know that “Hardcore Salsa” was the top-selling record this year!

The first label

Arkus founded his first label “Friendly Fire” and released tracks from artists like Dj Amok, Sven Wittekind, Sandy Warez and Robert Natus. Furthermore he founded a second one called “Arcussinus” main focused on his own work.

A big journey

Beside the project with Robert Natus, of course, there was still the producer and solo live act Arkus P. But his solo performances in the year 2005 were constricted to Germany and Europe. Soon this would change… for example he performed in New York together with Dj Amok and Viper xxl. In the same year he made a tour through Brasil, where he played in cities like Sao Paulo, Fortaleza and Campinas. He even played in Holland at one of the most popular events and of course in the german club U 60311. Furthermore the end of the year was celebrated in Spain in the club “la Cova”!

In the middle of nature

The next year started were the last ended; and so hundreds of gigs were played in countries like Ukraine, Belorussia, Poland, Slovenia, Slovakia and the Czech Republic. He showed his performance at the biggest festivals in the world; Apokalyptica, Ground zero, Loveparade, Ruhr in love and even at the century circus at the famous nature one… But he didn’t show his talent as a performer only, he also did as a producer, so he released records like “Protonenpower” and “Call my name” on Abstract and Systemcalls.


Despite the stress and hectic rush of life, Robert Natus and Arkus P went to the studio and produced a LP called “Pressure”, which later on was released on the popular label t:classics; furthermore their tracks were a massive success! In the year 2006 the two djs and producers were announced as best live act(#4) and best album(#7)! So the next step towards getting more popular was made…

Musical prostitutes

2007 Arkus released his album called “Musical Prostitutes” on t:classics. It was the mixture of hard beats and melodic sequences, which made the album so successful!

The Syndicate

The next important person in the life of Arkus P was Boris S. Soon after some studiowork together; they decided to start a combined project People went crazy when Arkus P and Boris S kicked their asses; and it has to be mentioned that they even where booked on the well known festival called SYNDICATE in Dortmund.

Arkus again was announced as best live act(#4) and best album(#7) in the german magazine RAVELINE.


2008 a dream became true, Arkus P performed at one of the biggest events the MAYDAY. Numerous festivals like the Love parade, Ruhr in love and the Nature One were played. Highlight was the performance as “Tetrapack” (=Boris S and Arkus P) at the Monegros Desert festival with over 50.000 people!!


Nowadays Arkus and Robert decided to slow down in their music, and so they released two Techno records called “Techno Boogy”. The liveact of Robert and Peter got a technoid touch and people just loved it! It was a honour for Arkus to perform this year as one of the first Techno artists in a stadium in Spain!


End of 2008 Arkus P was announced as best Live Act of the year 2008(#1)!!!!!!!!!!!

In the year 2009 Arkus P. again showed his talent as a producer and released his /*-newest album “Dazed and Confused”! Just check it out and listen to the newest tracks of one of the most popular techno artists in our century!

Some words made by Arkus P.:

“While I am performing live a certain feeling overcomes me as the mood and the atmosphere of the crowd overwhelms me. This is the reason why I often avoid complicated live-setups. Shortly before the gig I program nothing but a few patterns which I reprogram during performance according to the mood of the crowd… Most of the things happening live are impossible to be reconstructed afterwards.”

“Teaming up with Robert will always bring up something very special. Our musical influences and ideas flow seemlessly into each other. We are both very different artist with very different approaches to music production. But when ideas by both of us are combined it always results in something very particular.”